Park City Spring Chamber Music Festival

Spring Chamber Music Festival 265x300 Park City Spring Chamber Music FestivalWhen it comes to Park City attractions, there is something for everyone.  A visit to our city is full of delightful scenery, Park City is one of North America’s top ski and snowboard destinations, and our city is a hub of pop culture and home of the Sundance Film Festival.  Park City Utah is also rich in classic culture as evidenced by out city’s year-round classical music festival or concerts, the Park City Chamber Music Society’s Beethoven Festival.

Dating back to 1984 under the festival’s original name, the Deer Valley Chamber Music Festival, the first Beethoven Music Festival was held in the summer and was organized by a violinist of Juilliard acclaim, Leslie Blackburn Harlow.  The featured musicians of the first  incarnation of Park City’s chamber music festival where notable musicians from the New York Philharmonic, the Cleveland Orchestra, as well as some of Park City’s own talent.

When Russell Harlow joined the festival in 1987 as co-director, the Beethoven Festival began to evolve and included the Winter Classics Chamber Music Festival, The Summer Classics Chamber Music Festival, The Autumn Classics Chamber Music Festival, The Park City Film Music Festival, and April’s Spring Chamber Music Festival.

The 29th Spring Chamber Music Festival

As Spring arrives in Park City, so does the 29th annual Spring Chamber Music Festival put on by Park City Chamber Music Society.  This years concert series takes place on Sunday April 14th, Tuesday April 16th, Friday April 19th, and Sunday April 21st.  Tickets for this event can be purchased online.

The Spring Chamber Music Festival is famous for attracting generations of all ages to classical music.  Set in laid back and comfortable settings such the Temple Har Shalom, Utah Valley University, and the Park City Community Church taking in any of the Spring Chamber Music Festival Concerts is as comfortable as taking in a live classical concert in the comfort of your own living room.

This year’s event is put on by the Spring Chamber Music Festival in cooperation with Georges S and Dolores Dore’ Eccles Foundation, the Phyllis Egermeirer Trust, the Summit County RAP Tax Fund, the Summit County Restaurant Tax Fund, the Utah Arts Council, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Park City Chamber of Commerce.  With acclaimed soloists coming from the likes of the New York Philharmonic, the 29th Spring Chamber Music Festival is guaranteed to be a must see event.

When it comes to Park City events and all that our city has to offer, Park City Peaks Hotel is the perfect place to stay when experiencing Park City.  Our hotel offers all guests a comfortable place to stay with the most accommodating service in Utah.  For more information on staying with us at Park City Peaks Hotel, and for advice on all the fun things to do in Park City, contact us.

Laughing at Park City: 13th Annual Park City Follies

comedy 300x224 Laughing at Park City: 13th Annual Park City FolliesWhen it comes to Park City, there are a lot of rather amusing stereotypes which characterize our beautiful city and the surrounding mountainous regions.  What makes these stereotypes so humorous?  Well, in a lot of cases, the old standard, “It’s funny because it’s true” comes to mind.  Whether it’s the oft-spotted Park City “settler” dressed in thermals looking like they’ve spent their entire lives in the chill of Park City’s mountain ranges, or the tourists dressed in their high-end flannel/alpine attire, Park City has its fair share of things to poke fun at.

When it comes to laughing at Park City, no-one laughs harder than we do at our selves.  That’s why every year, the Egyptian Theater Company, Park City’s resident theater company, puts on a show explicitly aimed at making light of all things Park City.  This April sees the 13th incarnation of Egyptian Theater Company’s production, Park City Follies.

Dating back to the year 2000, Egyptian Theater Company has taken it upon themselves to create a fun and hilarious look at all those who would label themselves a “Parkite”.  This years edition of Park City Follies takes place from April 5th-13th and is guaranteed to be a jovial work of hilariousness created by the Follies Creative Team.

The Egyptian Theater Company

Constructed on the site of the old Dewey Theater, a center piece of pop culture and live theater which succumbed to a roof cave-in following heavy snowfall, construction of the Egyptian Theater began in 1922, and the theater opened its doors to audiences on Christmas Eve 1926.  With the design of the Egyptian being largely inspired by the then recent discovery of King Tut’s tomb, John Rugar, the owner of the theater, brought in a renowned Egyptologist from Seattle to help create the authentic egyptian feel of the Egyptian.

The opening of the Egyptian Theater carried a great deal of significance for Park City residents as Park City had always been a hub of pop culture which thrived on live theater.  In addition to facilitating Park City’s love of live theater, the new Egyptian Theater offered theater goers the option of taking in a feature film.

Through the years, the Egyptian Theater has undergone a great deal of reconstructive facelifts to preserve the building’s structural integrity.  The residents of Park City have always been happy to give to their theater and offer support in times of trouble for this landmark venue located on Park City’s Main Street.  Thanks to Park City’s gracious fundraising efforts, the Egyptian Theater, now called the Mary G. Steiner Egyptian Theater, is still open to the public and reminds audiences of what Park City is all about.

7983900318 15d75a1b50 o 213x300 Laughing at Park City: 13th Annual Park City FolliesWhen it comes to making Park City a jovial laughing stock, and poking fun at the people, environment and lifestyle that makes Park City unique, who better to do it than a theater company whose history with Park City goes all the way back to 1922.  Deeply entrenched in Park City culture, the 13th Annual Park City Follies is guaranteed to be a fun and exciting show for all adults who are ready to have a laugh at their own expense.  For more information on the 13th Annual Park City Follies, or to find out more about their upcoming shows and reserve tickets,  visit the Egyptian Theater website.

A visit to the Egyptian Theater, is just one of the exciting things that awaits you when you visit Park City Utah.  When visiting our beautiful city, a stay at Park City Peaks Hotel means you are close to all that Park City is famous for.  Contact us now to book your stay.  We look forward to having you!

Snowboarding in Park City

snowboarding march1 300x200 Snowboarding in Park CityPark City is an area known for it’s amazing skiable peaks.  Both Park City Mountain Resort and Deer Valley Resort, located in the Wasatch Range of the Rocky Mountains, were the setting for numerous down-hill ski and snowboard events during the 2002 Winter Olympics.  This area’s chutes and runs are so technical and challenging, the United States Ski Team, as well as the Australian Freestyle Ski Team train here.  The calibre of athletes this area draws should be evidence enough that skiing in Park City is world class.

The peaks of the Wasatch Mountain Range aren’t just for skiers, however.  The challenge and excitement of our local mountain range draws thousands of snowboard enthusiasts to our peaks every year.

With multiple ski and snowboard resorts within just a few miles of our lovely hotel, staying at Park City Peaks Hotel means the utmost of comfort, convenience, and a prime location with easy access to three of this area’s best snowboarding destinations.

Snowboarding and The Canyons

As the largest ski and snowboarding resort in Utah, The Canyons needs to be on every snowboarder’s list of slopes to experience.  Regardless of your level of experience, The Canyons has something for every level of snowboarder.  With an average annual snowfall of 355 inches, there is guaranteed to be ridable powder on The Canyon’s 4,000 acres of terrain when you visit.

The Canyons offers snowboarders access to 182 trails which are serviced by 21 chair lifts.  The Canyons also offers boarders the fun of 6 natural half pipes to test your skills.  For a map of the trails of The Canyons nine peaks, click here.

Snowboarding and Deer Valley

With 2,026 acres of mountainous terrain, Deer Valley Resort played host to a number of down-hill ski and snowboard competitions when Utah welcomed the 2002 Winter Olympics.  While Deer Valley offered Olympic Athletes challenging slopes for their competition set against the beautiful backdrop of the Wasatch Mountains, what Deer Valley offers snowboarders is 100 trails of varying difficulty serviced by 21 chairlifts.

With consistent snowfall and challenging vertical drops, Deer Valley Resort is a great snowboarding destination.  For a map of Deer Valley’s mountain, click here.

Snowboarding and Park City Mountain Resort

Another resort which served as a venue for the 2002 Winter Olympics, Park City Mountain Resort offers boarders 365 inches of fresh powder every year on 3,300 acres of terrain spread over eight challenging peaks and nine bowls.  Park City Mountain Resort is guaranteed to be a great destination for any snowboarder as they offer 116 trails of varying difficulties 17% of which are suitable for beginners, 52% for Intermediate snowboarders, and 31% of their trails are best left to the snowboarding experts.

Park City Mountain Resort also has one superpipe and one minipipe.  For a maps of Park City Mountain Resorts diverse trails, click here.

Nestled comfortably close to all three of these world class mountain resorts, Park City Peaks Hotel is the best place for any snowboarder to stay while visiting Park City.  Our convenient location means you can take full advantage of all that the Wasatch Mountains has to offer.  Our comfortable accommodations and friendly service means that your every need will be looked after.  If you’re planning a visit to Park City, give us a call, we look forward to welcoming you!

Beethoven Winter Classics Festival

beethoven header 300x103 Beethoven Winter Classics FestivalThe Beethoven Winter Classics Festival

Through the snowy scenes of the winter season Park City, Utah is a great place to partake of outdoor adventure. It’s also a great place to take in some of the best cultural experiences in Utah including Park City’s annual Beethoven Winter Classics Festival. With opportunities to see classical concerts performed in small and intimate settings, the concert series is an excellent addition to your stay at Park City Peaks.

From your room it’s a quick ride to the concert settings and we’re happy to help with booking your seats. Whether you are an aficionado of the symphony or if this is your first time seeing a Beethoven String Quartet, the concert series has something for everyone from well-known pieces to more obscure works. Affordable tickets mean you can take in several nights or just check out a winter’s evening performance during your stay.

Highlights from the Concerts

As February draws to a close, be sure to make time in your visit to check out three romantic concerts by one of music’s all-time greats. With the highlights to include Beethoven’s String Trio and String Quartet Op. 18 No. 3, The Mozart Clarinet Quintet, and The Halvorsen Duo for Two, the concerts are sure to please any classical music fan.

The festival allows visitors to see intimate chamber music performed by such artists as Becca Moench, Julie Bevan, Monte Belknap and Alexander Woods. You can unite the performances of these and other amazing soloists, all while enjoying the concerts in casual, relaxed settings, surrounded by lots of natural beauty.

This year’s Line-Up

– Friday, February 15 see virtuoso showpieces and beautiful chamber works performed at the Park City Community Church. The show begins at 7:30pm.

– Sunday, February 17 brings us works of Mozart, Beethoven and more at the Temple Har Shalom for an afternoon concert beginning at 3:00pm.

– Friday, February 22 see the infamous Beethoven String Quartet as well as a variety of entertaining duets. This concert will also be held at the Park City Community Church and will begin at 7:30pm.

greyton violin 300x200 Beethoven Winter Classics FestivalGet Your Tickets

Tickets can be purchased in advance or at the door. Because the venues can only hold smaller audiences, it’s recommended to purchase tickets in advance. Contact us here at Park City Peaks Hotel and we will be glad to direct you to advanced ticket purchases. Be sure to inquire about punch tickets to make the most out of the rich diversity of classical music to be found in Park City.

A project of the Park City Chamber Music Society, the annual Beethoven Winter Classics Festival brings a taste of the old world to the heights of the peaks. The Society is happy to introduce new audiences to classical music and works to provide intimate concerts like these to please the ear. One of Summit County’s oldest arts organizations, the Park City Chamber Music Society is a longstanding organization with connections to acclaimed international musicians as well as many of the most prominent orchestras in the U.S. Now in its 28th season, the Beethoven Winter Classics Series is sure to please audiences of all ages and experiences with the work of this master.

Park City Film Series

aroyalaffair 300x211 Park City Film SeriesPark City Film Series Opens

One thing we’re known for in Park City is our cinema. Through a community of film buffs and the excitement of the Sundance Film Festival which brings in movie lovers and movie makers from around the world, our little corner of Utah is a world-class destination for those who want to take in innovative cinema. Whether it’s a romantic movie from an up-an-coming director or exposure to locally produced films, no stay at Park City Peaks is complete without a visit to the theatre. We can help you navigate the excellent line-up of films this season.

Just a few moments away from your room, the historical theater where the films are screened makes a wonderful evening at the cinema part of your stay. What better way to experience all that Park City has to offer than by catching up on this year’s Oscar-Nominated films or seeing a movie made by a local director? The Park City Film Series will be an exciting part of your stay at Park City Peaks.

The Festival

The theatrical excitement of the Sundance Film Festival isn’t the only bit of cinema to get amped up about here in Park City.  February welcomes the Park City Film Series. This festival run by a non-profit film society presents a range of films guaranteed to delight any audience.  The festival includes everything from documentaries to international comedies and even some locally made drama. This film experience needs to be included in your Park City vacation plans as film is a fundamental part of the culture of Park City and the surrounding areas and is like a window to the world from right here in Utah.  It would be remiss of you to miss out on the artistic and cinematic genius of the Park City Film Series.

The Park City Film Series hosts thought-provoking films which are sure to please lovers of art-house cinema all over the world. You’ll also be able to check out some feature films by independent directors and those sure to be catching Oscar buzz. There are even films chosen for Park City’s youngest of audiences making attending the Park City Film Series a perfect activity for the entire family. The Series highlights films made in Utah and all over the world by creative directors with unique perspectives on modern life. With opportunities to experience motion pictures not normally available through commercial outlets in the Summit County area, this is a great addition to any Park City visit.

The Theater

Located just about a mile from your room at Park City Peaks Hotel, the Jim Santy Auditorium at the Park City Library Building is located in a historic building that used to be Park City’s High School. Now, it hosts a range of screenings throughout the year bringing modern and classic films to this beautiful historic building. With an intimate setting equipped to hold 400 guests, the screenings offer a unique way to catch up on Oscar films you might have missed or see a film by a director you wouldn’t have known about otherwise. With plans to upgrade the screen to a digital projector, the Park City Film Series will continue to lead the way in offering beautiful films to the Park City community.

theimpossible 300x199 Park City Film SeriesLocal Flavor

While you’re here, be sure to check out a screening from one of the local films for which the Series is famous. Often, you’ll be able to stick around for a talk with actors, directors and film making teams after the show. It’s a great way to hear the voices of some of today’s freshest filmmakers and see what goes on behind the scenes. Utah is a colorful and creative place so we hope you’re able to see the best our filmmakers have to offer during your stay at Park City Peaks.

Skiing at Park City Peaks Hotel

Tucked away in the beautiful and majestic mountains of Utah and just a mere 35 minute drive from the Salt Lake City airport, Park City Peaks Hotel is the perfect get away for anyone looking to do some skiing.  With a decor inspired by the Rocky Mountains themselves, Park City Peaks Hotel sits atop three mountains of world renown within the ski community as unmatched ski resorts, The Canyons, Deer Valley, and Park City Mountain Resort.

1 Skiing at Park City Peaks HotelThe Canyons

The Canyons is one of the largest ski resorts in North America and is the largest ski resort in Utah.  The Canyons Ski Resort has something to offer absolutely every type of skier out there.  Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or really know what you’re doing, The Canyons Ski Resort has a ski run that is right up your ally.

The Canyons boasts a base elevation of 6,800 feet and an average annual snowfall of 355 inches meaning there will always be fresh powder for skiers to take advantage of.  With a summit elevation of 9,900 feet, and over 4,000 acres of skiable terrain with 182 trails, 10 percent of which is beginner, 44 percent intermediate, and 46 percent for experts, The Canyons really does have something for everyone.

Deer Valley

Another of Utah’s ski resort treasures, Deer Valley Ski resorts boasts a staff which has been ranked number one by SKI Magazine for their exemplary customer service.  Deer Valley offers Ski shipment to and from the resort via FedEx.  There is also complimentary day parking near the resort and curb side assistance for helping guests load and upload their heavy ski equipment.  Deer Valley staff will also store ski equipment for their guests to make travel between the resort and their guest’s accommodations that much easier.

If you’re a beginner, or someone looking to advance your skiing abilities, Deer Valley Ski Resort is home to some of the best ski instructors out there who offer ski classes for adults and children.  If your children aren’t quite ready to ski, Deer Valley has a state-licensed children’s center where your kids will be looked after while you spend your day on the mountain.  For guests who need to take a bit of a break from skiing, Deer Valley Ski Resort offers guided snow mobile tours of the foothills surrounding Park City.

Park Cityimages Skiing at Park City Peaks Hotel

Park City Mountain Resort has been rated number on in North America for ease and accessibility and is located just 35 minutes from the Salt Lake City airport.  With a base elevation os 6,900 feet and a summit height of 10,000 feat, Park City Mountain Resort boasts over 3,300 acres of skiable terrain with 114 trails spread over eight peaks and nine bowls.  Of the 114 trails, 17 percent are beginner, 52 percent are intermediate, and 31 percent are expert making Park City Mountain Ski Resort perfect for any skier regardless of experience and ability.

After a day spent in the wonder that is the Rocky Mountains, guests of Park City Peaks Hotel can return to their cozy suites and await a visit from our infamous “cookie man” who stop by and deliver freshly baked cookies with warm hot chocolate, the perfect end to any ski trip.  Guests of Park City Peaks Hotel can also spend the evening relaxing in our comfortable indoor hot tub which is open daily until 11PM.  Given our perfect location within the vicinity of three world class ski resorts, Park City Peaks Hotel is the perfect accommodations for anyone looking for a comfortable, relaxing place to stay during their Utah ski experience.

Park City Heli-Ski Tours

valdez heliskiing guides 1059835 h Park City Heli Ski Tours

Photo by ckindel

Are you a skier or snowboarder who wants to get away from the crowds and carve your own path down the mountains? We have one of the best snowfall in America and thousands of people flock to Park City every year to experience our world class winter conditions. Contrary to popular belief, heli-ski expeditions aren’t reserved for “extreme” skiers and are suitable for those are experienced in most conditions. Our local heli-ski companies can fly you to inaccessible parts of the mountain and help you safely experience the thrill of racing down acres of untracked powder. If you’re ready to strap on your boots, grab your equipment and enjoy exploring our winter wonderland, keep reading to learn what Park City has to offer.

Wasatch Powderbird Guides

This highly acclaimed company offers trips into the Wasatch Mountains from the Canyons and Snowbird resorts. They have been in business since 1973 and cater to small or large groups ranging from one to 20 people. Start with a continental breakfast while going over the plans for the day, before being flown away to your own private skiing expedition. Trips cater to your style and ability, whether you are looking for challenging backcountry runs or hair-raising drops. Guides will assist you along the way with a typical ratio of 1:4, so you will rarely be without their assistance and watchful eye. You can also take a look at their skier ability chart to make sure you will feel confident during your mountain adventure. If you’re truly after the experience of a lifetime, they also offer trips to Japan, Argentina, Chile, Turkey and more! Click here to learn about their extensive safety standards and procedures.

Park City Powder Cats and Heli Ski

This company has exclusive rights to the Thousand Peaks Ranch, which is more than 40,000 acres and larger than the size of Deer Valley, Park City Mountain Resort and the Canyons Resort combined! They offer both skiing and snowboarding, with the option to choose between taking a helicopter up the mountain or the all-terrain vehicle known as a the powder cat. A catered lunch of wraps, sandwiches, soups, teas and fresh baked goods is also supplied depending on your tour and they will have plenty of water to keep you hydrated. Take a look at their pricing and packages for more information.

Want an Authentic Winter Resort Experience? Park City Peaks is the Ideal Destination

We are conveniently located next to the Deer Valley, Park City and The Canyons ski resorts. You will enjoy a view of the mountains while relaxing in our Upper Deck Sports Pub and can be up on the mountains within minutes. In our elegantly designed hotel, we offer comfort of highest quality at affordable rates. Our amenities include high speed internet, flat screen television with cable and an oversized outdoor hot tub. View our website for more details.

Things to do in Park City: Sleigh Rides

christmas upnorth family 4223250 l Things to do in Park City: Sleigh Rides

If you’re looking for a unique winter experience while you visit our beautiful city, why not take a sleigh ride? Glide across the snow on a romantic journey or get in the Christmas spirit with family as you travel through our breath-taking mountain scenery. A horse-drawn sleigh can take you to viewpoints you won’t find on foot and you’ll be able to look over breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains and Park City. Check out the rest of the article for information on some local sleigh ride companies.

Boulder Mountain Ranch: This highly rated organization is located on the Deer Valley Ski Resort and is a favorite for marriage proposals or couples on their honeymoon. Rides are 30 minutes long and warm blankets are provided. They also have holiday rates and a dinner/sleigh ride combination package.  The ranch offers horse tours through the mountains, wagon rides and horse rentals for self guided trips as well.

Rocky Mountain Outfitters: These guys are known for their excellent service and they were nominated as a finalist for the 2011 Guide Service of the Year Award. Their beautiful horses include friendly Clydesdales, Belgians, and spotted draft breeds who will take you to enjoy breathtaking views of the Wasatch Mountains. They have a variety of options available including group and individual rides as well as daytime and night rides. Click here for a great video of the Rocky Mountain horse drawn sleigh rides.

Rocky Mountain Sleigh Company was recognized as one of the top ten sleigh dinner operators by USA Today. They will take you far from crowds and along rivers, valleys and forests before treating you to a three course meal next to a wood burning fireplace in a charming log cabin.  Check out their unique dog sledding adventures with real Alaskan Husky racing sled dogs too. Menu and prices are available here.

The Canyons Sleigh Rides: Take a 30 minute horse drawn tour through the beautiful and enchanting Willow Draw and learn a little about the history of Park City along the way. Although warm blankets are supplied, don’t forget to wear warm clothing as well.

Relax after an eventful day at our Park City hotel

Treat yourself to a traditional resort vacation while staying with Park City Peaks. You can warm yourself by the fire, relax in the comfort of one of our stylish rooms or enjoy a delicious meal at our on-site restaurant and bar. We are near free transport to numerous Park City attractions and the mountains are right on our doorstep. Check out our photo gallery to see what makes Park City Peaks so special and contact us here to make a reservation.

Park City Attractions: Visit The Egyptian Theatre During your Park City Vacation

1374248 red curtain Park City Attractions: Visit The Egyptian Theatre During your Park City Vacation

From skiing to mountain biking, there are plenty of great things to do in Park City. For an entertaining night out with friends and family, we also recommend visiting local favorite The Egyptian Theatre. The live performance venue was founded in 1926 and always has an interesting show, musical performance or community event happening. Read below for some event recommendations from our Park City accommodation.

If you’re Looking for Park City Attractions for your Next Park City Vacation, The Egyptian Theater is an Excellent Option.

Thriller! By Odyssey Dance Theatre: Sep 28th – Oct 7th

This electrifying dance show of monsters and maniacs is suitable for all ages and usually sells out quickly. More funny than frightening and definitely worth seeing.

Leon Redbone: October 12 – 13th

Redbone performs jazz and blues inspired by the greats of the World War II era. After releasing 15 albums over 30 years, he has become renowned for captivating audiences with his incredible musicianship. Sure to be a great performance.

Average White Band: Wednesday: Oct 24th

This band has been performing infectiously danceable soul and funk to sold-out audiences for over 30 years.

Jekyll & Hyde- the Musical: Oct 18th – 28th

With the Halloween season approaching, the Dark House company theater tells the classic tale of Dr Jekyll exploring good and evil. Sure to be a thrilling performance!

Stand Up Comedy Night: November 2nd – 3rd

Enjoy a laugh with talented comedians including Big Al Goodwin who has previously opened for Dave Chapelle and Wayne Brady.

Forbidden Broadway: November 8th – 11th

After a successful New York City tour and winning dozens of awards, this satirical take of over 30 Broadway Hits is sure to delight and entertain audiences.

Coming for a Park City Vacation? Stay with Park City Peaks

We are ideally located off Park City’s Olympic Highway with the mountains and several hiking trails right on our doorstep. Relax in our swim-in, swim-out heated pool after a day of exploring, make use of our extensive meeting facilities or enjoy a complementary breakfast in one of our elegantly designed rooms, the choice is yours. Check our Park City Peaks website for more information and learn more about the area before you book a relaxing Park City vacation to remember.

Great Museums to Visit During your Park City Vacation Recommended by our Park City Resort

1288195 chimney Great Museums to Visit During your Park City Vacation Recommended by our Park City Resort

During your next Park City vacation, visit these great museums recommended by our Park City resort

Park City Museum: With a five star rating on Trip Advisor, this museum shouldn’t be missed and is essential for any Park City vacation. It details the history of the area and its evolution from a silver mining settlement to a world class ski town. There are informative exhibits, events, tours and more. Click here to take a five minute video tour of the museum.

Commemorative Air Force Utah Wing Museum: Just a short drive away, this museum features over 150 refurbished World War II aircraft and exhibits that tell their individual stories. Plan your Park City vacation in advance and you will be able to attend the museum’s famed annual air show as well.

Alf Engen Ski Museum: Named after the famous Norwegian skier Alf Engen who set several ski jumping records, this excellent museum is located in the Joe Quinney Winter Sports Center at Utah Olympic Park. It displays more than 300 trophies, medals, uniforms, scrapbooks, skis, photos and other collectables. The museum also has an education component for children that teaches them more about Utah’s colourful history and the snow cycle.

The George Eccles 2002 Olympic Winter Games Museum: Also located at Utah Olympic Park is this collection dedicated to the 2002 Olympic Winter Games, which were hosted in the area. This state of the art museum features exhibits dedicated to each of the sports at the Olympic Winter Games including cross country skiing, curling, alpine skiing and more. They even have a stunning collection of Olympic medals on display as well.

Summit Country Courthouse Museum: Situated just a few miles away, this museum is located in the basement of a historic early 1900s courthouse. During your visit, you will discover a collection of antiques and memorabilia from the area’s Wild West days.

Coming for a Park City vacation? Stay with our Park City resort for an unforgettable experience.

Park City Peaks is a unique combination of excellent old fashioned service mixed with all the comforts and amenities of modern life. Our world class accommodation offers the ideal ski resort experience and our free shuttle can have you exploring downtown’s historical buildings within just minutes. View the Park City Peaks gallery to see some photos of our Park City hotel, find out more about our perfect mountain location and contact us to make a reservation.