Easter 2014 In Park City

Easter in Park City Easter 2014 In Park City

Are you searching for fun places to go that will entertain the whole family? If so, then keep on reading! Park City, Utah has many different activities to do for everyone, including adults and children of all ages. With everything going on in Park City during the Easter holidays, you can’t go wrong choosing this destination as your vacation spot.

When people think of Park City, what are the most common things that come to mind? People believe that it is a great place for winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, and sledding. The fact is, Park City is a great place for other types of activities as well. Even though winter has already ended, the fun activities don’t end there! With all of the different events happening, Park City will give your family a fun and exciting time during this Easter holiday.


Utah Olympic Park

utaholympicparktours Utah Olympic ParkIt was in 2002 that the state of Utah had the privilege of hosting the Winter Olympics.  The Games were a time of pride for Utah, with the world’s attention focused on our state, we showed the world what we were made of and that the spirit of the Olympic Games was at home in Utah.  The spirit of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games is still alive and well in Utah thanks to Utah Olympic Park which is operated by the Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation, a non-profit organization charged with the duties of operating an maintaing all of the Olympic Legacy facilities.

Utah Olympic Park

Located in Park City, Utah Olympic Park sits comfortably nestled in the Wasatch Mountains.  The park includes an astounding six nordic ski jumps including the K10, K20, K40, K64, K90,and K120 meter jumps.  The park also includes a 1,335 meter sliding track, a freestyle aerials hill suitable for winter training, which has hosted a number of world-class competitions, and a 750,000 gallon training pool for summer freestyle aerials.  Also located in Utah Olympic Park is the Joe Quinney Winter Sports Center, the Alf Engen Ski Museum, and the George Eccles 2002 Winter Olympic Games Museum.

During the 2002 Winter Olympic Games, Utah Olympic Park hosted events such as luge, bobsledding, skeleton, ski jumping, and other exciting nordic events.  Today, the park is open to visitors year-round and offer’s guided tours of the park.  Visitors to Utah Olympic Park also get to enjoy free admission to the Alf Engen Ski Museum, and the George Eccles 2002 Winter Olympic Games Museum.

Things to do While Visiting Utah Olympic Park

There is a whole world of excitement awaiting visitors at Utah Olympic Park all year-round.

As we head into the summer months, park visitors are given the opportunity to ride the Comet Bobsled with a trained bobsledding pilot.  Utah Olympic Park is also home to the fastest zipline in the world, the Xtreme Zipline.  Thrill seekers can also take a ride on the Quicksilver Alpine Slide.  For the really daring visitors, there is the opportunity to ride a pair of skis down the freestyle ski jump and land in Utah Olympic Park’s summer splash pool.

Closed for the summer are the park’s winter activities which include the Rocket Skeleton Ride, the nordic ski jump, and the terrain park.

There are also a number of events hosted at Utah Olympic Park and the Utah Olympic Oval.  For a complete calendar of events, visit the Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation’s webpage.

Utah Olympic Village is just one of the fun and exciting destinations in Park City Utah.  Being a guest of Park City Peaks Hotel means that venues such as Utah Olympic Park are conveniently close and there for the whole family to enjoy while staying with us, enjoying the comfort of our hotel, and Park City Peaks Hotel’s friendly service.  For more information on visiting Park City Peaks Hotel, please contact us by calling 1-800-649-5012. We look forward to your visit.

Park City Welcomes Sundance 2013

Sundance rotating1 Park City Welcomes Sundance 2013This month, Park City visitors get a chance to experience something more than slopes as Sundance Film Festival begins again. Bringing stars together in the beauty of a Utah winter, Sundance is one of the largest independent film festivals in the whole of the United States. A destination for American and international filmmakers, Sundance is known for edgy documentaries, feature-length and short films, and several competition sections. It’s also a chance to see the stars in their best winter gear.

Sundance the Festival

The original festival, held in 1978 shared films we now know as classics: A Streetcar Named Desire, Mean Streets, and Midnight Cowboy, among others. Sundance has grown steadily ever since attracting more cutting-edge filmmakers and catching the attention of international film industry types almost immediately. From your Park City Peaks Hotel suite you’ll be close to the venue and the excitement the festival brings to Park City every year. Your stay puts you in the center of buzzing premiers, photographers traveling with the Hollywood crowd and able to relax at the resort each night. Since its inception, Sundance has continued to bring us innovative storytelling and showcase Oscar-winning films that go on to join a legion of American classics.

What to See at Sundance this YearJobs JT 300x170 Park City Welcomes Sundance 2013

Take a break from Park City Peaks Hotel and the world-class winter sporting events this year to check out some of the 200 films selected this year for Sundance 2013’s program. There are documentaries that confront today’s pressing subjects and coming from filmmakers from here in the US and all over the world. Dramatic entries comprise 16 films this year and are sure to bring new creative voices to the screen. You can also check out experimental short films and animated features in 2-D and 3-D.

There are also several events for hard-core movie lovers. Park City at Midnight will entertain movie lovers with horror, unruly storylines ad laugh-out-loud comedies sure to keep you up past your bedtime. There’s an experimental category that will showcase films that push the traditional aesthetics we have come to expect as movie watchers. Digital technologies used for innovative storytelling, classic works of independent filmmakers revisited, and the newest perspectives from around the globe all brought together by Sundance for one magical movie experience.

With a host of other events and dining experiences here at Park City Peaks Hotel along side, Sundance is not to be missed. The venues are spread throughout town so you might catch a glimpse of Oscar winners or your favorite independent director. You’ll certainly catch some excellent films.

Remember to make a reservation to Park City Peaks to enjoy the Sundance Festival this year!

A Brief History of Park City from our Utah Ski Resort

1054919 miner 1 A Brief History of Park City from our Utah Ski Resort

Thousands of people visit Park City every year for its excellent skiing, beautiful scenery and vibrant local culture. But many visitors do not know that it also has an amazing history which began after the area was settled by Mormon pioneers. Park City was home to one of the biggest silver mining camps in the country and has an interesting heritage just waiting to be discovered. The area has since become a premier skiing destination and has been home to many world class athletes as well as hosting the famous annual Sundance Film Festival.

The History of Park City Told by our Utah Ski Resort

Early Mormon pioneers traveled through Park City to establish Salt Lake City before they returned and built a toll road. The basin at the top of the canyon was good for grazing and some families settled in the area. It was known as “Parley’s Park City” at the time. Silver, gold and lead was discovered in the area and it flourished until almost becoming a ghost town when the price of silver dropped and The Great Depression arrived.

A fire almost destroyed the town in 1898 and it faced another crisis in 1902 when 34 miners were killed in an explosion. The town was in desperate need of a new industry, when some miners proposed a ski resort called Treasure Mountain which ended up saving the town. It is believed that as early as the 1920s, miners used underground trains and shafts to access the mountain for skiing.

The resort opened in 1963 on 10,000 acres of land the miners owned with mineral rights. That was essentially the beginning of America’s ski industry and since then Park City has housed more tourists than residents. It now has several million annual tourists and had a large part in the 2002 Winter Olympic Games.

Interested in a Utah Ski Resort Vacation? Come Visit Park City Peaks

Currently there are more than 1000 miles of old silver mine tunnels beneath the slopes at Park City Mountain Resort and its neighbor Deer Valley. The main street also has 64 Victorian buildings which are listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Our free shuttle can drop you off in the historic district and you will explore the interesting downtown area within minutes. Park City Peaks offers a combination of rustic charm and stylish modern accommodation. We also have helpful amenities such as complimentary WiFi, underground parking and meeting facilities.

Things to do in Park City in the Summer: Horseback Riding Tours

1387662 quarter horse Things to do in Park City in the Summer: Horseback Riding ToursOne of the things that we’re most proud of here in Park City, is our town’s rich history and culture. As a result, we offer a great deal of wonderful historic sites for tourists to visit, as well as some fun activities that can help you get an idea of how the miners who founded our town experienced the Park City area. With the ski season over until next year, it’s finally time to take advantage of some of the things to do in Park City in the summer. One of the best ways to get a feel of this is through guided horseback riding in Park City,  a popular tourist activity.  Take advantage of the amazing trails and wooded regions that Utah has to offer by riding a horse through the valleys, mountains and woodlands that Park City is known for.

Best Horseback Riding in Park City – Things to do in Park City 

Rocky Mountain Recreation of Utah
Voted one of the best outdoor recreation companies by USA Today, this company offers a, “one of a kind” outdoor adventure on a 9,000 acre working ranch near Park City, with trail rides and guided horseback riding tours in Park City for riders of all skill levels.

Red Pine Adventures
A locally owned and operated outdoor adventure company, Red Pine Adventures offers horseback riding tours during the summer on privately-owned property in the Red Pine Canyon. This company is conveniently located right next to Canyons resort.

Rocky Mountain Outfitters
This company offers both fishing and horseback riding tours in Park City in the spring and summer months. Nominated for the Guide Service of the Year Award, two years in a row, this company offers a great experience and has a variety of options for skill levels and tour lengths.

Why Try Horseback Riding in Park City? Fun Things to do in Park City in the Summer 

With some of the most beautiful terrain, trails and mountains views in the country, Park City offers a little of everything for the outdoor adventure enthusiast. From stunning trails, to beautiful valleys and wooded areas, why not experience Park City as it’s meant to be experienced?

No matter how adventurous you are, or your skill at horseback riding, Park City’s scenic splendour will offer every visitor a great experience. If you’d like to visit Park City and try some of our outdoor adventures for yourself, why not consider booking a stay at the Park City Peaks Hotel? Our experienced staff can help you choose the right tour company for you and can assist you in booking any tours you may be interested in.

Park City Events in May: Cinco de Mayo, Film Festivals & Famer’s Markets

627658 turnips for sale 2 Park City Events in May: Cinco de Mayo, Film Festivals & Famer’s MarketsMay is a popular time to visit Park City, because we have many great spring and summer events that keep our city fun for tourists. From our beautiful weather, and lovely mountains to the great culture and atmosphere in Park City in the hotter months, we have everything you need for the perfect spring getaway.

Park City Events in May – Spring is Just Around the Corner!

May 5thCinco de Mayo Community Celebrations are taking place on May 5th (of course) at The Yard in Park City. Hosted by the Holy Cross Ministries, Rowland Hall and The People’s Health Clinic, the celebrations will include food, dancing, drinks (a cash bar), live music as well as a silent auction. Admission is 15 cans of food or $15.00 for adults, and 5 cans of food or $5.00 for children under 12. All proceeds from the event will go towards helping support Park City families through the Holy Cross Ministries and St. Mary’s Foodbank. This even is not just a fun way to swing into spring, but it’s also a great way to show some support and help out a good cause.

May 19thEducation is a wonderful thing, and this May 19th you’ll get the opportunity to support the Park City Education Foundation by taking part in a 41 mile relay race through Park City. Registration ends soon so make sure you stop by the website to sign up! If you don’t want to register, this is still a great Park City event for spectators and we highly recommend coming out and cheering for the competitors.

May 25th – June 3rdThe Park City Film Music Festival is an independent film festival which showcases film music for both indie and sponsored films. This will be the 9th year that the event is held and it is sure to be another success! Tickets went on sale April 15th so make sure you take a look to decide which events you want to attend before they sell out!

May 30th – October 17thThe Annual Park City Farmer’s Market returns this May at Canyon’s Resort. The market takes place every Wednesday from 12:00pm to 6:00pm from May until October, and offers a great selection of local produce, baked goods, arts and crafts. This is one of the best annual Park City events and is a sure to please any visitors coming to town in May.

Coming to Park City this Spring? Stay at our Park City Peaks Hotel Nearby all the Major Park City Events

The Park City Peaks hotel is conveniently located near all of the great events in Park City going on this May and our experienced staff has the insider’s scoop on how to take advantage of them! If you’re thinking about booking a trip to Park City this spring give our Park City hotel staff a call!

Our Park City Hotel’s Most Popular Employee: Our Famous Cookie Man!

The Roanoke Ski Club adores the Park City Peaks Hotel’s Cookie Man! What more could a guest ask for than a warm cookie, hot chocolate and whipped cream delivered daily to your room after a long, hard, chilly day on the slopes? It’s heaven on Earth!

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