Take Advantage of Park City Hotel Deals as your Gateway to the Outdoors

Spring is here in the Wasatch and with it comes a plethora of incredible opportunities to hit the trails and explore the Great Outdoors! The trail systems of Park City, Utah and the surrounding area offer a wide variety of hiking opportunities for everyone from advanced mountaineers to visitors looking for a short walk before an elegant dinner on historic Main St.  Your Park City accommodation at Park City Peaks Hotel promises to be one of the premiere hotels at Deer Valley while also having a conveniently central location.  Park City Peaks is only a short walk or drive from everything the area has to offer, including countless world class hiking trails.  Have a look at some of our favorite spring hikes that will help new hikers experience what the Wasatch has to offer! (more…)

The Birth of Accidental Tourism: From mining to skiing in 100 years

Had you been a tourist visiting Park City, Utah, in 1869, you would have written, in your postcard (an ancient communications device requiring you to use a pen and lick a stamp) to back home, “Be glad you are not here.” ParkCity was all about silver mining then. Its citizens were rough-hewn, not a step removed from Butch Cassidy’s Hole In The Wall Gang which thrived 400 miles to the south.

You wouldn’t have skied outside ParkCity, in 1869. You wouldn’t have explored the many national parks (thank Teddy Roosevelt for that)—there were none. You didn’t hike or ride horses unless you were an outlaw or a mountain man. You bathed; you didn’t swim. Utah’s tourism came well after the mines had been exhausted.

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A Summer’s Day At The Utah Olympic Park

Are you stuck in deciding what to do in Park City? For those that are into high-octane action and extreme sports, we have something for you. Park City offers events that will leave your heart pumping quickly as the adrenaline takes over your body. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to bobsled down a track going 60 miles per hour or zipline at 50 miles per hour, read on. There are many different activities to suit the whole family!

Check out these five great options during your stay in Park City:

Utah Ziplining A Summers Day At The Utah Olympic Park