The Science of Snowflakes

unique snowflake pen waggener The Science of Snowflakes

Photo by Pen Waggener

If you have ever skied, shoveled a driveway, or spent even the shortest amount of time in a wintery climate you are probably well familiar with the magic of falling snow.  From an early age we are taught that no two snowflakes are alike, and the more time you spend in the mountains the more you realize the intricacies of different types of snow.  Here at Park City Peaks Hotel, we’re no strangers to the changing seasons and consider ourselves something of experts when it comes to our favorite type of precipitation.


Mysteries at the old Park City Hotel

ghost story park city Mysteries at the old Park City Hotel

Everyone loves a good mystery and, around this time of year, some of the best mysteries manifest themselves in ghost stories.  Park City has a rich pioneer and mining history dating back to the mid 1800s so it should come as no surprise that many of the old buildings that line historic downtown have a unique history behind them.  One such building can be found at 573 Main St. (more…)

Getting a Kick out of Park City

Goodbye Summer, Hello Winter!

Wow, summer is finally over and all the exciting events around Park City that go with summer are wrapping up. Soon it will be our favorite season once again, ski season, but before the snows show up and the resorts open there are lots of fun things to do still.

Our recent posts have covered trains, tourism, love stories and music so hopefully you have the idea that there is a lot to do in and around park city. Indeed, weather you are a history junky, outdoor sports or activity enthusiast or art lover, there is simply a never ending amount of stuff to do in and around Park City. (more…)

A Nation Joined: The Transcontinental Railroad

On May 10, 1869, the east and west ends of the transcontinental railroad were joined 115 miles northwest of Park City. The meeting of the Central Pacific and Union Pacific railroads signaled the ceremonial joining of the United States.

The Golden Spike National Historic Site, in Box Elder County provides a splendid day trip opportunity from Park City. Through September, you can see working replicas of the locomotives that “met” at the site, the Jupiter and the 119. There are two auto tours available: a 14 mile round trip which affords views of the original track locations, and a two mile loop. The tours are self-guided. The Big Fill Walk is a 1.5 mile hike to the last rail and last spike of the massive engineering project.

Interestingly, the golden spike was symbolic. Engineers had hoped to lay a final golden rail and tamp it with the golden spike, but gold is too soft to be spiked or run across by a steam-powered locomotive. You can see the actual, final spike but don’t expect it be golden. And you will also be surprised by the gaudy colors of the train replicas. Trains weren’t flat black until the twentieth century.

railway A Nation Joined: The Transcontinental Railroad


The Birth of Accidental Tourism: From mining to skiing in 100 years

Had you been a tourist visiting Park City, Utah, in 1869, you would have written, in your postcard (an ancient communications device requiring you to use a pen and lick a stamp) to back home, “Be glad you are not here.” ParkCity was all about silver mining then. Its citizens were rough-hewn, not a step removed from Butch Cassidy’s Hole In The Wall Gang which thrived 400 miles to the south.

You wouldn’t have skied outside ParkCity, in 1869. You wouldn’t have explored the many national parks (thank Teddy Roosevelt for that)—there were none. You didn’t hike or ride horses unless you were an outlaw or a mountain man. You bathed; you didn’t swim. Utah’s tourism came well after the mines had been exhausted.

hdrimg 4 e1406311891309 The Birth of Accidental Tourism: From mining to skiing in 100 years


Deer Valley Celebrity Skifest 2014

Deer Valley Celebrity Skifest 2013

Celebrity Ski Fest Deer Valley Celebrity Skifest 2014

When an event has been running for 22 years, you know it must be good. The Deer Valley Celebrity Skifest is one such event. Rated as the #1 Winter Sports Special, the December 6th – 9th event is not to be missed as celebrities from television, film and the Olympics once again descend on Utah’s Park City.

Arrivals and registration are on the evening of Friday 6th, which gives everyone some much needed rest before all the events start on Saturday and Sunday.

The action on the snow officially kicks off from 10:30am Saturday as the Olympians and celebrities go through some training. The CBS Celebrity Skifest Race kicks off at Midday with coverage broadcast on CBS the following day. Lunches, cocktails and an awards ceremony are held throughout the afternoon before a silent auction and fundraising dinner begins from 7pm onwards.

Sunday kicks off with another sponsors breakfast at 8:30am with the celebrities. Training for the PRO-AM race begins at 10am with the official race at 12pm. Lunch and festivities run through until 4pm, where the official events end and everyone can enjoy the company of one another in Park City.

Park City is just a 40 minute drive from Downtown Salt Lake City, with the event free to watch there is no excuse not to attend as the resort kicks off the ski season with this event. For the public, the viewing platform is half way up the mountain at the Silver Lake area.

The event benefits the Waterkeeper Alliance and the US Ski and Snowboard Team which continues to attract celebrities. Last year, celebrity appearances included Kevin Nealon, Julia Ormond, Larry David and Rosie Perez. Rosie was heard saying “I’m not skiing, but I am so taken with what Bobby Kennedy is doing with the Waterkeeper Alliance, holding corporations accountable”.

Park City Peaks Hotel provides a great opportunity to get close to the stars with the hotel located next to the Deer Valley Ski Resort. The great comfort that resonates throughout the hotel is available at affordable rates. The indoor-outdoor heated pool is one feature that you will be telling people about for weeks.

To reserve your stay during the Deer Valley Skifest you can book online or call us toll free at 1-800-649-5012.




IMAFS: Intermountain Mustang & All Ford Stampede

Car Shows in Utah

Mustang Ford Park City IMAFS: Intermountain Mustang & All Ford Stampede The month of August is an exciting one in Park City Utah, especially for car and motor enthusiasts. With hundreds of Ford, Mustangs and other performance vehicles heading to Park City to take part in the 2013 Intermountain Mustang and All Ford Stampede, the city prepares for one of its biggest and most exciting events.

Mustang & Ford Park City

The focus of the Mustang and All Ford Stampede is, of course, the Ford Mustang, and at this year’s event, hundreds of different Mustangs will be on display. The Mustangs on display will include a number of vintage models and limited editions. The show isn’t all about Mustangs, however, and many other amazing Ford and Mercury models will be on hand for auto enthusiasts to gawk at and covet. Other models which will be on display at the Mustang and Ford Show will include Cougar cars, Thunderbirds, Thunderbolts, and even a Shelby Cobra or two.

2013 Intermountain Mustang and All Ford Stampede

This year, the annual Intermountain Mustang and All Ford Stampede is gearing up to be one of the best that Park City Utah has ever seen. Admission to this exciting outdoor event is free and will take place at Redstone Center at Kimball Junction. There is guaranteed to be fun events for all ages and some exciting family friendly activities.

The Mustang and Ford Car Show will kick off on the morning of August 16th at 7AM with a photo shoot at the Redstone Center at Kimball Junction in Park City. Following the photo shoot, there will be a four hour long Pony Trails Cruise to close out the day.

On August 17th, IMAFS continues with registration taking place from 8AM until 10AM at the Redstone Center at Kimball Junction. From 10AM until 4PM, the Car Show as well as the Mustang and Ford Show-n-Shine will take place. There will be judges on-hand to determine the winner of the 2013 IMAFS, but this year, the Northern Utah Mustang Owner’s Association is pleased to introduce the brand new Spectator Choice Award.

In addition to the main show, there will be a free continental breakfast while supplies last. There will also be a Poker Trot during the car show.

Hotels Park City Utah

While visiting our beautiful Park City to attend the 2013 Intermountain Mustang and All Ford Stampede, guests of Park City Peaks Hotel enjoy the most welcoming and picturesque accommodations with a convenient location which makes travel to and from the Redstone Center at Kimball Junction easy. In addition to our hotel’s excellent location, guests are treated to the most accommodating and friendly staff as well as rooms and suites which will make your stay in Park City unforgettable.

While staying with Park City Peaks Hotel, guests are invited to take advantage of our fantastic indoor/outdoor pool which is open from 7AM until 11PM. After a great swim, guests can relax in our oversized hot tub and take in some of the most stunning mountain views Park City has to offer. Each room is also equipped with free wireless internet, and all guests are able to park in our underground garage at no additionally cost.

For more information on booking a stay with Park City Peaks Hotel, please contact use by calling 1-800-649-5012 or contact us through our website.

Tour of Utah 2013

canstockphoto10268477 crop Tour of Utah 2013Dubbed as America’s toughest stage race, the Tour of Utah is a challenging road bike race which has been held annually since 2004. Participants in the Tour of Utah will be forced to endure tumultuous climbs and struggle over treacherous terrain as they ride around the beautiful and challenging Utah countryside in hopes of winning a portion of the $75,000 prize money up for grabs. Since garnering UCI classification, the Tour of Utah has been open for ProTeams to register and in 2012, six ProTeams entered the Tour of Utah and were among the 17 cycling teams competing in the race.

 Tour of Utah

This year, the Tour of Utah will take place from August 5-11, and Park City will feature in the race twice by hosting two stages of this challenging cycling race. Park City’s Historic Main Street will be both the start and finish line of the race. Additionally, one stage in the race will be held in Park City’s Historic District and will feature a sprint as well as a climb up and over Guardsman Pass. Following the crossing of the finish line, the winner of the 2013 Tour of Utah will be crowned on Historic Main Street.

Park City Main Street

Throughout the day, on August 11th, Park City’s Historic Main Street will play host to an exciting all-day festival with activities for kids and the entire family to take part in. Activities at the 2013 Tour of Utah Festival will include The Park Silly Sunday Market, Tour of Utah Expo, and Autograph Alley where cyclists will be on-hand to sign memorabilia.

For adult attendees of the Tour of Utah Festival on Historic Main Street, there will be a beer garden, public viewing ares where you can sit and watch the cyclists cross the finish line, and tons of outdoor dining near the finish line.

Hotels Park City Utah

Whether you’re in Park City to take part in the 2013 Tour of Utah, or just to cheer on a contestant, Park City Peaks Hotel offers visitors to Park City the best accommodations. Our hotel is located on Park Drive, which is just a short drive from Historic Main Street where all the Tour of Utah excitement will be taking place.

In addition to our hotel’s fabulous location, guests of our hotel are treated to the friendliest staff and the cleanest, comfiest accommodations that Park City has to offer. We also have a unique indoor/outdoor pool which is open to our guests from 7AM until 11PM.

For more information on staying with us, please call 1-800-649-5012 or contact us on our website. 

Deer Valley Music Festival 2013 comes to Park City!

canstockphoto6703325crop Deer Valley Music Festival 2013 comes to Park City! Throughout the summer, as the temperature rises, Park City comes alive with a series of amazing musical performers who are all part of the Deer Valley Music Festival. With the earliest incarnation of our city’s astounding and eclectic music festival having happened in 2003, the Deer Valley Music Festival has quickly grown to become one of the biggest and most exciting music festivals in the South Western United States.

Utah Symphony and Opera

Taking place over five weeks, the Deer Valley Music Festival is the summer home of both the Utah Symphony and the Utah Opera. It takes place in July and August of each year and features a variety of performances by a number of popular artists as well as chamber music performances and live opera. Throughout the five week festival, Wednesday performances feature the Utah Symphony while Thursday night performances feature guest chamber ensembles. Each Friday evening, the Deer Valley Music Festival features classical music performances held at the Deer Valley Resort. Saturday evenings are reserved for popular music acts.

Deer Valley Music Festival

-10th Anniversary Gala

This year, the Deer Valley Music Festival is happy to celebrate their tenth anniversary. To help celebrate this exciting milestone, the Deer Valley Music Festival is pleased to welcome Blues Traveler who will kick off this year’s festivities with a performance on July 5th at Stein Eriksen Lodge.

Other exciting performances that you won’t want to miss out on include Steve Martin and The Steep Canyon Rangers Featuring Edie Brickell with the Utah Symphony. This exciting concert fronted by funny man, Steve Martin, will take place July 19th at 7:30PM at the Deer Valley Snow Park Outdoor Amphitheater. What better way is there to spend a summer night than with some great music, some laughs, and the warm and fresh summer air of Park City Utah?

The 10th Anniversary Gala will come to a close with a live auction. Items up for auction at this year’s gala are listed here.

Park City Lodging Deals

While in town for the Deer Valley Music Festival, guests of Park City Peaks Hotel enjoy the comfiest accommodations, a convenient location, as well as a spectacular view of Park City all for an affordable price. For more information on staying at the best hotel in Park City Utah, please contact us by calling 1-800-649-5012, or make a reservation today.

*Deer Valley also has free concerts open to the public on Wednesday now through Labor day from 6PM -8PM! For a complete listing of the concerts scheduled for the Deer Valley Music Festival, please visit their official page

Alpine Coaster at Park City Mountain Resort

As Winter turns to Spring and Spring into Summer, it’s time to say goodbye to the thrills of winter sports like skiing and snowboarding in favor of fun warm weather activities.  Still, as the last vestiges of winter still cling to the mountains of the Utah Rockies, some are reluctant to bid farewell to this ski season.  For those of you who might be reluctant to put the winter gear away and are desperate for one last winter thrill, Park City Mountain Resort has something you’re going to absolutely love, the Alpine Coaster.

The Alpine Coaster

alpine 300x225 Alpine Coaster at Park City Mountain ResortPark City Mountain Resort’s Alpine Coaster is the stuff of every thrill seeker’s dream.  Reminiscent of Olympic bobsled tracks, the Alpine Coaster is an elevated track which whisks riders along well over a mile of track which loops through the beautifully mountainous Park City scenery at a heart-racing clip of 30 mph.

The Alpine Coaster twists and turns around bends and hairpin curves at speeds controlled by the rider.  With breaks on each of the coaster’s cars, the rider can go as terrifyingly fast or as slow as they are comfortable with.  Having control of the breaks means that the Alpine Coaster is perfect for all ages, though children under 54 inches tall, must be accompanied by an adult or responsible person over 54 inches in height.

The view from the track of the Alpine Coaster is like no other you will experience on any other ride.  the 4,000 feet of track wind through the beautiful and breathtaking scenery of the mountains of Park City Mountain Resort.

Whether you are looking for the thrill of swerving around Park City Mountain Resort’s track at a break-neck 30 mph through the open air, riding with kids, or sharing a slow ride around the Alpine Coaster with someone special as you take in the scenery, Park City Mountain Resort’s Alpine Coaster is guaranteed to be a fun and exciting ride you won’t soon forget.

Alpine Coaster Pricing

Scheduled to open for summer on the 23rd of May, adult tickets to ride the Alpine Coaster can be purchased for $20 per ride during the regular season or for $22 per ride during the holiday season.  For passengers less than 54 inches tall but over the age of three who are accompanied by an adult, the cost is $7 per ride during the regular season and $8 per ride during the holiday season.

Park City Mountain resort also offers Alpine Coaster and Alpine Sliden combo passes.  For adult riders, or persons over 54 inches in height, a combo pass can be purchased for $26 during the regular season and $28 during the holiday season.  For riders taller than 42 inches by less than 54 inches in height, and over he age of three, combo passes can be purchased for $10 during the regular season, and $11 during the holiday season.  Each combo pass entitles riders to one ride on each the Alpine Coaster, and the Alpine Slide.

For more information about Park City Mountain Resort and the Alpine Coaster, please visit Park City Mountain Resorts’s website.

With the winter season coming to a close, there is still tons of exciting stuff to do and see in the Rocky Mountain Region of Park City.  While visiting Park City and taking in our area’s beautiful scenery, book a stay and Park City Peaks Hotel.  Our friendly staff will have you feeling warm, comfortable and right at home while our convenient locations puts you right in the middle of all the Park City Action. For more information of staying with us, please contact us by calling 1-800-649-5012.  We look forward to hosting your visit to our city.