Alpine Coaster at Park City Mountain Resort

As Winter turns to Spring and Spring into Summer, it’s time to say goodbye to the thrills of winter sports like skiing and snowboarding in favor of fun warm weather activities.  Still, as the last vestiges of winter still cling to the mountains of the Utah Rockies, some are reluctant to bid farewell to this ski season.  For those of you who might be reluctant to put the winter gear away and are desperate for one last winter thrill, Park City Mountain Resort has something you’re going to absolutely love, the Alpine Coaster.

The Alpine Coaster

alpine 300x225 Alpine Coaster at Park City Mountain ResortPark City Mountain Resort’s Alpine Coaster is the stuff of every thrill seeker’s dream.  Reminiscent of Olympic bobsled tracks, the Alpine Coaster is an elevated track which whisks riders along well over a mile of track which loops through the beautifully mountainous Park City scenery at a heart-racing clip of 30 mph.

The Alpine Coaster twists and turns around bends and hairpin curves at speeds controlled by the rider.  With breaks on each of the coaster’s cars, the rider can go as terrifyingly fast or as slow as they are comfortable with.  Having control of the breaks means that the Alpine Coaster is perfect for all ages, though children under 54 inches tall, must be accompanied by an adult or responsible person over 54 inches in height.

The view from the track of the Alpine Coaster is like no other you will experience on any other ride.  the 4,000 feet of track wind through the beautiful and breathtaking scenery of the mountains of Park City Mountain Resort.

Whether you are looking for the thrill of swerving around Park City Mountain Resort’s track at a break-neck 30 mph through the open air, riding with kids, or sharing a slow ride around the Alpine Coaster with someone special as you take in the scenery, Park City Mountain Resort’s Alpine Coaster is guaranteed to be a fun and exciting ride you won’t soon forget.

Alpine Coaster Pricing

Scheduled to open for summer on the 23rd of May, adult tickets to ride the Alpine Coaster can be purchased for $20 per ride during the regular season or for $22 per ride during the holiday season.  For passengers less than 54 inches tall but over the age of three who are accompanied by an adult, the cost is $7 per ride during the regular season and $8 per ride during the holiday season.

Park City Mountain resort also offers Alpine Coaster and Alpine Sliden combo passes.  For adult riders, or persons over 54 inches in height, a combo pass can be purchased for $26 during the regular season and $28 during the holiday season.  For riders taller than 42 inches by less than 54 inches in height, and over he age of three, combo passes can be purchased for $10 during the regular season, and $11 during the holiday season.  Each combo pass entitles riders to one ride on each the Alpine Coaster, and the Alpine Slide.

For more information about Park City Mountain Resort and the Alpine Coaster, please visit Park City Mountain Resorts’s website.

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Utah Olympic Park

utaholympicparktours Utah Olympic ParkIt was in 2002 that the state of Utah had the privilege of hosting the Winter Olympics.  The Games were a time of pride for Utah, with the world’s attention focused on our state, we showed the world what we were made of and that the spirit of the Olympic Games was at home in Utah.  The spirit of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games is still alive and well in Utah thanks to Utah Olympic Park which is operated by the Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation, a non-profit organization charged with the duties of operating an maintaing all of the Olympic Legacy facilities.

Utah Olympic Park

Located in Park City, Utah Olympic Park sits comfortably nestled in the Wasatch Mountains.  The park includes an astounding six nordic ski jumps including the K10, K20, K40, K64, K90,and K120 meter jumps.  The park also includes a 1,335 meter sliding track, a freestyle aerials hill suitable for winter training, which has hosted a number of world-class competitions, and a 750,000 gallon training pool for summer freestyle aerials.  Also located in Utah Olympic Park is the Joe Quinney Winter Sports Center, the Alf Engen Ski Museum, and the George Eccles 2002 Winter Olympic Games Museum.

During the 2002 Winter Olympic Games, Utah Olympic Park hosted events such as luge, bobsledding, skeleton, ski jumping, and other exciting nordic events.  Today, the park is open to visitors year-round and offer’s guided tours of the park.  Visitors to Utah Olympic Park also get to enjoy free admission to the Alf Engen Ski Museum, and the George Eccles 2002 Winter Olympic Games Museum.

Things to do While Visiting Utah Olympic Park

There is a whole world of excitement awaiting visitors at Utah Olympic Park all year-round.

As we head into the summer months, park visitors are given the opportunity to ride the Comet Bobsled with a trained bobsledding pilot.  Utah Olympic Park is also home to the fastest zipline in the world, the Xtreme Zipline.  Thrill seekers can also take a ride on the Quicksilver Alpine Slide.  For the really daring visitors, there is the opportunity to ride a pair of skis down the freestyle ski jump and land in Utah Olympic Park’s summer splash pool.

Closed for the summer are the park’s winter activities which include the Rocket Skeleton Ride, the nordic ski jump, and the terrain park.

There are also a number of events hosted at Utah Olympic Park and the Utah Olympic Oval.  For a complete calendar of events, visit the Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation’s webpage.

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Park City Spring Chamber Music Festival

Spring Chamber Music Festival 265x300 Park City Spring Chamber Music FestivalWhen it comes to Park City attractions, there is something for everyone.  A visit to our city is full of delightful scenery, Park City is one of North America’s top ski and snowboard destinations, and our city is a hub of pop culture and home of the Sundance Film Festival.  Park City Utah is also rich in classic culture as evidenced by out city’s year-round classical music festival or concerts, the Park City Chamber Music Society’s Beethoven Festival.

Dating back to 1984 under the festival’s original name, the Deer Valley Chamber Music Festival, the first Beethoven Music Festival was held in the summer and was organized by a violinist of Juilliard acclaim, Leslie Blackburn Harlow.  The featured musicians of the first  incarnation of Park City’s chamber music festival where notable musicians from the New York Philharmonic, the Cleveland Orchestra, as well as some of Park City’s own talent.

When Russell Harlow joined the festival in 1987 as co-director, the Beethoven Festival began to evolve and included the Winter Classics Chamber Music Festival, The Summer Classics Chamber Music Festival, The Autumn Classics Chamber Music Festival, The Park City Film Music Festival, and April’s Spring Chamber Music Festival.

The 29th Spring Chamber Music Festival

As Spring arrives in Park City, so does the 29th annual Spring Chamber Music Festival put on by Park City Chamber Music Society.  This years concert series takes place on Sunday April 14th, Tuesday April 16th, Friday April 19th, and Sunday April 21st.  Tickets for this event can be purchased online.

The Spring Chamber Music Festival is famous for attracting generations of all ages to classical music.  Set in laid back and comfortable settings such the Temple Har Shalom, Utah Valley University, and the Park City Community Church taking in any of the Spring Chamber Music Festival Concerts is as comfortable as taking in a live classical concert in the comfort of your own living room.

This year’s event is put on by the Spring Chamber Music Festival in cooperation with Georges S and Dolores Dore’ Eccles Foundation, the Phyllis Egermeirer Trust, the Summit County RAP Tax Fund, the Summit County Restaurant Tax Fund, the Utah Arts Council, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Park City Chamber of Commerce.  With acclaimed soloists coming from the likes of the New York Philharmonic, the 29th Spring Chamber Music Festival is guaranteed to be a must see event.

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Laughing at Park City: 13th Annual Park City Follies

comedy 300x224 Laughing at Park City: 13th Annual Park City FolliesWhen it comes to Park City, there are a lot of rather amusing stereotypes which characterize our beautiful city and the surrounding mountainous regions.  What makes these stereotypes so humorous?  Well, in a lot of cases, the old standard, “It’s funny because it’s true” comes to mind.  Whether it’s the oft-spotted Park City “settler” dressed in thermals looking like they’ve spent their entire lives in the chill of Park City’s mountain ranges, or the tourists dressed in their high-end flannel/alpine attire, Park City has its fair share of things to poke fun at.

When it comes to laughing at Park City, no-one laughs harder than we do at our selves.  That’s why every year, the Egyptian Theater Company, Park City’s resident theater company, puts on a show explicitly aimed at making light of all things Park City.  This April sees the 13th incarnation of Egyptian Theater Company’s production, Park City Follies.

Dating back to the year 2000, Egyptian Theater Company has taken it upon themselves to create a fun and hilarious look at all those who would label themselves a “Parkite”.  This years edition of Park City Follies takes place from April 5th-13th and is guaranteed to be a jovial work of hilariousness created by the Follies Creative Team.

The Egyptian Theater Company

Constructed on the site of the old Dewey Theater, a center piece of pop culture and live theater which succumbed to a roof cave-in following heavy snowfall, construction of the Egyptian Theater began in 1922, and the theater opened its doors to audiences on Christmas Eve 1926.  With the design of the Egyptian being largely inspired by the then recent discovery of King Tut’s tomb, John Rugar, the owner of the theater, brought in a renowned Egyptologist from Seattle to help create the authentic egyptian feel of the Egyptian.

The opening of the Egyptian Theater carried a great deal of significance for Park City residents as Park City had always been a hub of pop culture which thrived on live theater.  In addition to facilitating Park City’s love of live theater, the new Egyptian Theater offered theater goers the option of taking in a feature film.

Through the years, the Egyptian Theater has undergone a great deal of reconstructive facelifts to preserve the building’s structural integrity.  The residents of Park City have always been happy to give to their theater and offer support in times of trouble for this landmark venue located on Park City’s Main Street.  Thanks to Park City’s gracious fundraising efforts, the Egyptian Theater, now called the Mary G. Steiner Egyptian Theater, is still open to the public and reminds audiences of what Park City is all about.

7983900318 15d75a1b50 o 213x300 Laughing at Park City: 13th Annual Park City FolliesWhen it comes to making Park City a jovial laughing stock, and poking fun at the people, environment and lifestyle that makes Park City unique, who better to do it than a theater company whose history with Park City goes all the way back to 1922.  Deeply entrenched in Park City culture, the 13th Annual Park City Follies is guaranteed to be a fun and exciting show for all adults who are ready to have a laugh at their own expense.  For more information on the 13th Annual Park City Follies, or to find out more about their upcoming shows and reserve tickets,  visit the Egyptian Theater website.

A visit to the Egyptian Theater, is just one of the exciting things that awaits you when you visit Park City Utah.  When visiting our beautiful city, a stay at Park City Peaks Hotel means you are close to all that Park City is famous for.  Contact us now to book your stay.  We look forward to having you!