During your Next Utah Vacation, our Park City Hotel Recommends Mountain Biking in Park City

1191717 downhill event During your Next Utah Vacation, our Park City Hotel Recommends Mountain Biking in Park City

There’s no better feeling than racing down an exhilarating bike track in the beautiful Park City mountains. There are dozens of trails for any skill level, whether you are looking for a quiet ride with a friend or a ferocious uphill trek. Exploring Park City’s flora and fauna during a comfortable ride through the wilderness is a great way to make the most of our beautiful outdoors during the summer season. Make your Utah vacation even better by checking out the following trails next time you visit Park City.

Try mountain biking on your next Utah vacation

There are more than 150 miles of public trails ideal for hiking and biking in the Park City area so here are five suggestions to get you started.

Gambel Oak Loop: Located South-East of Park City, this trail is open May through October and has some light climbing and technical areas.

Wasatch Crest Ridge Connector: This relaxed ride has a moderate climb to the Wasatch Crest trail and upper Millcreek Canyon. It is mostly in the shade, but be sure to stay hydrated regardless.

Wasatch Crest – Midmountain Loop: If you’re an expert rider, this trail is for you. There is a lot of climbing at high altitudes and some trails are quite long and difficult.

Midmountain Trail (North): Visit this trail June through to September, it is for immediate riders and reaches the 8000 foot mark above Park City after beginning with an incline.

Rail Trail: This track follows an old railroad route and moves through the prospector area of Park City.

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A Brief History of the Sundance Film Festival Presented by our Park City Lodge

1099457 ciak A Brief History of the Sundance Film Festival Presented by our Park City Lodge

The Sundance Film Festival is held in Park City each January and attended by thousands of celebrities, critics and fans. It has established itself as a world class event and as the largest independent cinema festival in the United States, it often results in a media extravaganza. This is a great time to visit our town and Park City Peaks has hosted many visitors, who return annually for our great hospitality and excellent accommodation. If you’d like to learn about the interesting history of Sundance Film Festival, read below for more information.

Our Park City Lodge Shares Some Information about the History of the Sundance Film Festival

Actor Robert Redford worked with a group of friends in 1978 to set up a festival to attract more film makers to Utah, to celebrate local and national film and to create an environment for the discovery of new movies. The first festival was a small affair, but featured classic films including Deliverance, A Streetcar Named Desire and Mean Streets. Redford helped the festival to achieve large attention and Hollywood contributed a lot of resources into making the annual event a success. As a local homeowner, Redford also owns a restaurant called Zoom, located on Main Street in Park City and a nearby ski field. Famous independent filmmakers including Kevin Smith, Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino, Steven Soderbergh and Jim Jarmusch all received their big breaks at the Sundance Film Festival. Movies such as Saw, Super Troopers, The Blair Witch Project, Reservoir Dogs, Little Miss Sunshine, El Mariachi, Moon, Clerks, Thank You for Smoking, and Napoleon Dynamite were also premiered at the event and moved on to great success.

Visit the Sundance Institute website if you would like to learn more.

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