The Best of Park City New Years

Posted on: December 10, 2014

New Years Eve is an international evening of merriment.  Between sharing dinner and drinks with loved ones, reminiscing on the months past, and projecting the exciting year to come New Years provides plenty of reason to celebrate.  As you begin to make plans and picture the millions of people toasting champagne around the globe, consider celebrating your New Years in Park City!  There is no better place to ring in the New Year then in the state that boasts the best snow in the world.  From your luxury accommodations at Park City Peaks Hotel there are endless opportunities to make your New Years countdown unforgettable.  Below are just three of the many reasons why you should pencil in Park City New Years on your 2014 winter calendar.

Celebrations at the Resorts

If you are in Park City in December, chances are you are familiar with the world class skiing right on our doorstep.  With incredible snow and thousands of skiable acres, Park City has positioned itself as one of the premiere winter sports destinations in the world.  While that is reason enough to celebrate, New Years in Park City brings its own level of excitement.  On December 30th, stop by Deer Valley Resort for the classic Torchlight Parade and some hot cider and cookies.  On New Year’s Eve, visit Canyons Resort for an afternoon of free live music at the base and a 7:30pm fireworks show – over just in time for you to continue celebrating into the night!

Jane Lynch at the Eccles Center

Park City Institute couldn’t be more excited to welcome Jane Lynch to town to help celebrate New Years in Park City.  At 7:30 on New Years Eve, Jane Lynch will be bringing the Eccles Center audience to tears with her musical comedy-cabaret.  Lynch has gained notoriety in recent years through her hysterical roles in Role Models, 40-Year-Old Virgin, and Party Down and has shown her musical talents off in the hit show Glee.  With a history on Broadway and a background in off the wall comedy, this New Years performance will have you gasping for air as Lynch puts her personal twist on American standard songs and show tunes.  If you are looking for an unforgettable way to bring in the New Year while on your Park City Peaks vacation, Jane Lynch is it!


Let’s be honest.  When it comes to New Years celebrations, many people are simply looking for somewhere to let down their hair.  New Years in Park City has no shortage of options for you to have a nice dinner, share a cocktail, dance, or just let loose.  Try any number of our famed bars and restaurants on (and off) Historic Main Street, or head over to Park City Live for an electronic music driven Black Tie Affair.  International sensation Darude, made famous stateside by his mega hit Sandstorm, will be fueling an energetic audience with his unique blending of electronic music styles.  A straight shot from your Park City Peaks Hotel room, Darude is a must-see for anyone looking for a high energy New Years celebration – just don’t forget your dance shoes and cocktail attire!

How to Celebrate the Holidays in Beautiful Park City

Posted on: December 4, 2014

When it comes to picturesque winter landscapes to take in the winter season, look no further than beautiful Park City, Utah.  With blanketed mountains, bluebird skies, evergreens galore, and almost guaranteed snowfall, the jewel of the Wasatch Mountains is the perfect place to celebrate the holidays.  By staying at Park City Peaks Hotel, the premiere Park City accommodation in the area, you will be right in the thick of things and only minutes away from all the action!  If you are looking for holiday festivities in addition to the ideal landscape, Park City is home to a slew of events for your entire family.  Here are just some of our favorites!
christmas tree How to Celebrate the Holidays in Beautiful Park City

A Park City Holiday 2014

Located only a few minutes from your comfortable Park City accommodation, the Park City Ice Arena and Sports Complex hosts the perfect (free!) event to kick off the holiday season.  On December 9 from 5 – 7pm, head to the arena for some ice skating, face painting, hot chocolate, cookies, and a performance by the Park City Treble Makers.  Santa Claus will take to the ice at 5pm with some of his North Pole elves and will stick around to take any gift requests from your little ones afterwards!

 Chanukah Party 2014

Whether you are of the Jewish faith or not, on December 13 between 5:30 and 9:30pm head to the Temple Har Shalom to celebrate Chanukah!  With children’s games, dinner, and latkes this is the perfect spot to celebrate the Festival of Lights or learn more about the Jewish faith.  Everyone is welcome, and tickets are on sale now!

 The Silly Holiday Bazaar

For any lingering holiday shopping, head over to Deer Valley from your cozy room in your plush Park City accommodation.  The Silly Holiday Bazaar runs from December 12 to December 14 and is a free, indoor market where local vendors gather and sell their art, food, clothing, accessories and any other handmade craft you can think of!  Support the local craft community by purchasing a one-of-a-kind stocking stuffer for the holiday season!

 Santa Comes Down the Town Lift

Just over a mile from your room at Park City Peaks Hotel is the world famous Park City Mountain Resort.  On December 13, at 5:30 pm, head to the Town Lift at the resort to watch Santa and Rudolph “fly” down to town – complete with holiday carols, Christmas cookies, and hot chocolate!

 Park City’s Holiday Spectacular and Community Sing-Along

Drag yourself out of the Park City Peaks famous hot tub at 8pm on December 18, 19, or 20 and make your way to the Egyptian Theatre downtown for the perfect holiday celebration!  Park City’s Holiday Spectacular includes many of the best local performers in a live show like none other.  One part holiday sing-a-long and one part variety show, head to the Egyptian for a magical way to celebrate the season!

From your room in Park City Peaks, the best local Park City accommodation, you will be just minutes from a plethora of incredible potential ways to celebrate the holidays.  With blankets of snow on the ground and so many unique festivities around town, it would be silly to not spend at least some of your holiday season in beautiful Park City, Utah.

The American Ski Bum: A Storied History

Posted on: November 28, 2014

The magic of the Western U.S. has attracted visitors and pioneers for well over a century, and that allure is still alive and well today. While natural resources and Manifest Destiny were early motivators for westward expansion, the spectacular ranges of the Greater Rocky Mountain west have slowly become our major attraction.  In ski towns across the country, this is particularly evident through the history of one particular free spirited, American counter culture.

lift The American Ski Bum: A Storied History

The First Ski Lifts at Snow Park Ski Area

Following World War II, the 10th Mountain Division, a mountain infantry unit of the U.S. army, returned from Europe and continued to chase their newly developed passion for big peaks back home by sparking the recreational ski industry.  By the 1960s skiing became a popular past time for leisure class Americans, and resorts began to pop up all over the Rocky Mountains.  Park City was no exception.


The Science of Snowflakes

Posted on: November 17, 2014

unique snowflake pen waggener The Science of Snowflakes

Photo by Pen Waggener

If you have ever skied, shoveled a driveway, or spent even the shortest amount of time in a wintery climate you are probably well familiar with the magic of falling snow.  From an early age we are taught that no two snowflakes are alike, and the more time you spend in the mountains the more you realize the intricacies of different types of snow.  Here at Park City Peaks Hotel, we’re no strangers to the changing seasons and consider ourselves something of experts when it comes to our favorite type of precipitation.


Mysteries at the old Park City Hotel

Posted on: October 27, 2014

ghost story park city Mysteries at the old Park City Hotel

Everyone loves a good mystery and, around this time of year, some of the best mysteries manifest themselves in ghost stories.  Park City has a rich pioneer and mining history dating back to the mid 1800s so it should come as no surprise that many of the old buildings that line historic downtown have a unique history behind them.  One such building can be found at 573 Main St. (more…)

Halloween in the Mountains

Posted on: October 20, 2014

1 Halloween in the MountainsAutumn is officially here in Park City, and we couldn’t be more excited!  Our uncrowded hiking trails and palpable energy in the air surrounding the upcoming ski season makes this time of year truly magical.  However, don’t set your eyes on winter just yet!  With Halloween just around the corner, Park City has an incredible offering of fun and festive activities for the entire family.  If you’re coming into town this October make sure to leave some room on your calendar to enjoy Halloween in the mountains. (more…)

Park City, Utah: Ski Town, USA!

Posted on: October 17, 2014

Celebrity Ski Fest Park City, Utah: Ski Town, USA!Nestled into North Central Utah’s Rocky Mountains, it won’t take you long to realize that Park City is your quintessential ski town. With a unique history of pioneers and exploration, Park City started off as a sleepy little valley before expanding into the bustling winter sport epicenter that it is today. Made most famous by the 2002 Winter Olympics, Park City has since cemented itself as a must-visit destination for all winter sports enthusiasts. With its awe-inspiring beauty, incredible winter weather, and assortment of après ski activities for the entire family, its no wonder Park City has become the premiere winter destination in the U.S. When it comes to skiing, the valley boasts three world-class ski resorts a stone’s throw away from historic downtown, but what does each one have to offer? (more…)

Getting a Kick out of Park City

Posted on: September 25, 2014

Goodbye Summer, Hello Winter!

Wow, summer is finally over and all the exciting events around Park City that go with summer are wrapping up. Soon it will be our favorite season once again, ski season, but before the snows show up and the resorts open there are lots of fun things to do still.

Our recent posts have covered trains, tourism, love stories and music so hopefully you have the idea that there is a lot to do in and around park city. Indeed, weather you are a history junky, outdoor sports or activity enthusiast or art lover, there is simply a never ending amount of stuff to do in and around Park City. (more…)

A Nation Joined: The Transcontinental Railroad

Posted on: August 22, 2014

On May 10, 1869, the east and west ends of the transcontinental railroad were joined 115 miles northwest of Park City. The meeting of the Central Pacific and Union Pacific railroads signaled the ceremonial joining of the United States.

The Golden Spike National Historic Site, in Box Elder County provides a splendid day trip opportunity from Park City. Through September, you can see working replicas of the locomotives that “met” at the site, the Jupiter and the 119. There are two auto tours available: a 14 mile round trip which affords views of the original track locations, and a two mile loop. The tours are self-guided. The Big Fill Walk is a 1.5 mile hike to the last rail and last spike of the massive engineering project.

Interestingly, the golden spike was symbolic. Engineers had hoped to lay a final golden rail and tamp it with the golden spike, but gold is too soft to be spiked or run across by a steam-powered locomotive. You can see the actual, final spike but don’t expect it be golden. And you will also be surprised by the gaudy colors of the train replicas. Trains weren’t flat black until the twentieth century.

railway A Nation Joined: The Transcontinental Railroad


Mountain Majesty, A Love Story

Posted on: August 18, 2014

In the Wasatch Mountains, the Indian warrior Red Eagle, in his desperation to win the heart of the beautiful Utahna, who was being pursued by many suitors of great wealth, declared to her that he was a god. What girl wouldn’t fall for that? They became lovers, sparking the jealousy of the other would-be husbands.

Wasatch Mountains Mountain Majesty, A Love Story

Rumors started flying among the local groups of Ute Indians, and then the truth was revealed, when Red Eagle was wounded by a great bear. Gods don’t get wounded by bears large or small. He was a guy—a hunky guy to be sure—but not a god. Our girl Utahna was devastated.