A Summer’s Day At The Utah Olympic Park

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A Summer’s Day At The Utah Olympic Park

Are you stuck in deciding what to do in Park City? For those that are into high-octane action and extreme sports, we have something for you. Park City offers events that will leave your heart pumping quickly as the adrenaline takes over your body. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to bobsled down a track going 60 miles per hour or zipline at 50 miles per hour, read on. There are many different activities to suit the whole family!

Check out these five great options during your stay in Park City:

Utah Ziplining

Extreme and Freestyle Ziplines

Come out to the Utah Olympic Park. You won’t regret it. If you like extreme and if you like ziplines, you will like the rides they offer. How can you pass up an opportunity to get on the one of the world’s steepest ziplines? Here at Utah Olympic Park, you will have a chance to experience the ride of your life. The Extreme Zipline takes you 50 miles per hour downhill. Feel like sharing the thrill, invite a friend along to ride alongside you! There are two lines side-by-side, so you do not have to go alone.

If the Extreme Zipline is a little too much for you, try The Freestyle Zipline. The Freestyle Zipline is a little less intense and a wee bit shorter, but it is still 100% awesome. Afterwards, if you feel like you didn’t get enough zip, you can try the Extreme Zipline. There is a height restriction for the two zipline courses, so check carefully. The Freestyle Zipline is perfect for the kids who aren’t tall enough for the Extreme.

Summer Comet Bobsled

Have you ever watched bobsledding on the Olympics and dreamed of flying down the winter track at a death-defying speed? The Summer Comet Bobsled is also another extreme option on the list for all extreme sports enthusiasts. Don’t worry; the bobsleds are fully functional in the summer, so you can get a taste of bobsledding. A professional pilot guides up to three people per sled down the track at speeds that peak at 60 miles per hour. Don’t blink! The ride will be over before you know it.

Flying Ace All-Stars Freestyle Show

Watch as professional snowboarders and skiers attempt daring aerial feats 60 feet in the air while landing into a pool filled with 750,000 gallons of water. You will be stunned and dazzled as you marvel at the seemingly impossible flips and tricks during the Flying Ace All-Stars Freestyle Show. The effort of athletes coming together to strive for perfection will have you feeling awestruck and breathless. The show lasts about 30 minutes, but the memories will last forever as you thoroughly appreciate how much hard work and dedication goes into a production like this.

Discovery Adventure Course

For those looking for something that is fun for the younger children in tow, the Discovery Adventure Course is the perfect venue. For kids, this is the perfect place to run, play, and let the imagination go wild as they climb up, down, and through an obstacle course. The great thing is that adults are encouraged to go up there along with their kids to supervise and look after them. That way, you won’t have to stand back and worry about your kid getting lost or hurt. Safety is always the number one priority, so make sure the kids stay safe and everyone will have a blast at the Discover Adventure Course!

Alpine Slide

While this ride is not at the Utah Olympic Park, we thought it was fun enough to include it in our blog post. Experience the famous Park City Mountain Resort. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly down a track at high speeds, then this is your chance to try. With over 3,000 feet of track, the Alpine Slide is one of the longest in the world. There are many different lane options to choose from that vary in twists and turns.

The Alpine Coaster and ZipRider are two special rides that you must absolutely look into if you make your way here. The Coaster takes you down 4,000 feet of track as you have a blast going downhill. The ZipRider takes you as much as a hundred feet above ground as you take in the sights while flying down a zipline at 40 miles per hour.

Park City Accommodation

After the day is done, you can rest your happily tired bones at the Park City Peaks Hotel. We have all the hotel amenities and comforts to soothe you as you think about the fun experienced throughout the day. Don’t delay… Make sure to reserve your hotel room now!